Printable Electronics

Net Zero Strategy : Energy Management 

Implementing energy management systems into buildings, cars and industrial processes can vastly improve on efficiency of energy intensive processes such as heating and cooling and therefore provide solutions to control energy waste.

What is the problem ?

Developing energy management systems that have data feedback from a network of sensors can be a maintenance nightmare especially if they are reliant on existing battery technologies for power which are not robust and have a limited lifespan before they need replacing.

How will Seeds solve this ?

Applications : printable solar inks, supercapacitor films

Energy System : solar cell powers a wafer thin supercapacitor

We are developing energy systems which can be printed onto transparent plastic and glass surfaces that provide low power by harvesting ambient heat and light to power printed circuits performing specific functions, such as, measuring temperature and humidity, as well as being able to transmit that power through wireless communication networks. This smart network of technology when integrated onto glass windows is known as the Internet of Things (IoT) and provides effective ways to control an environment from a central computer based system.



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