Net Zero Strategy : reduce Co2 emissions by 24.2%

Energy-related emissions from the manufacturing of iron and steel and energy-related emissions from manufacturing in other industries including mining and quarrying, construction, textiles, wood products, and transport equipment (such as car manufacturing).

What is the problem ?

Industrial manufacturing and mining is the greatest contributor to global Co2 emissions. This is a problem that solar technology can’t solve directly.

How will Seeds solve this ?

Applications : green hydrogen production, catalysts for low-cost hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen storage

Hydrogen generation by water splitting has long attracted attention due to its zero-emission advantage. Water splitting or electrolysis is a technique employed in decomposing water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by the passage of an electric current. It requires excess energy to overcome the reaction’s activation barriers; hence, it requires catalysts to increase the efficiency of the chemical process. Seeds solar technology has the potential to overcome the barriers to generate hydrogen from solar water splitting. We are also developing nano materials which have a high uptake of hydrogen providing optimised storage.

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