£1million in private and public capital secured in the first quarter of 2022

£200K of additional lab funding approved by regional support partnerships

8 months ago
Seeds Capital has been awarded a government Community Renewal Fund (CRF) grant. The CRF grant is an Innovation accelerator grant being awarded by Business Durham, University of Durham and delivered by CPI for SME’s that have promising technology and can demonstrate improvements to current product or innovation and must be able to demonstrate the innovation […]
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CPI approve press release showcasing collaboration with Seeds

10 months ago
Laying the foundation for the next generation of energy harvesting systems “CPI has worked hand-in-hand with Seeds Capital to develop their carbon nano-fibre materials, taking them from concept to touching distance of high-value applications, bringing the enormous potential of next generation energy harvesting technology within reach.” Innovating nano-scale materials from concept to reality Seeds Capital […]
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CPI prove potential of materials for battery and supercapacitor applications

12 months ago
After a year developing the nano-materials within the CPI’s Graphene Application Centre we have now successfully separated out sufficient quantities of fibres to measure the conducting properties. The results were as expected and we have now verified the potential of the materials use in energy storage applications. Work is now underway at the National Formulation […]
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