Net Zero Strategy


We develop both power and energy dense materials that can extend the range of electric car batteries and also vastly improve on charging times.

Printable Electronics

We develop wafer thin battery technology using printable inks that can harvest energy from heat and light and store that energy for powering IoT devices.

Smart Cities

We develop solar ink formulations to apply onto glass surfaces, that can be used by buildings as energy systems to power the smart cities of the future.

Space and Satellite

We develop lightweight and efficient solar technology to improve specific power and minimise the weight of satellites which is especially important during launch.


We promote sustainable agriculture by developing organic solar and battery technology for building greenhouse environments for localised food demand.


We develop advanced solar technology that could be used as catalysts to produce green hydrogen by solar water splitting, supplying greater power to industry.

Our Company

SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Efficient Designed Structures) Limited is an innovative deep tech company that specialises in the research and development of advanced organic nano-materials to vastly improve the performance of battery and solar technologies.

We believe in significantly reducing everyone’s carbon and environmental footprint leading towards ‘net zero’ and delivering a true ‘circular economy’ whilst improving everyday life for everyone by the seamless and passive integration of high performance solar and battery technology.

Using our proprietary technology, we license the formulation of organic carbon-based inks that can effectively and efficiently capture, and store solar energy used in applications to provide an autonomous self charging source of power.

Our research and development headquarters are located at Netpark, a premier technology park located in the North East of England. Netpark is also home to our research and development partner, the CPI, who are the UK’s government backed High Value Manufacturing Catapult. The CPI have three centres of excellence on campus, the National Formulation Centre, the Graphene Application Centre and the National Centre for Printable Electronics. In October 2021, Netpark was awarded £50 million for an expansion programme to attract global businesses to the park to work on advanced materials integration.

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